Etiquette For Teens Ages 13-18


Etiquette Course for Teens Ages 13 – 18

Provide your teen with that "edge" that will help them succeed in life and help make for a successful adulthood!

In today’s fast-paced digital world teens are no longer having face to face interactions with others. When presented with an unfamiliar social situation they may feel uncomfortable, and therefore they may choose to avoid socializing.

When a teen has strong social skills, feels confident and understands how to treat others with respect, he can navigate anything from a college or job interview to a dining night out with a date.

Our two-day workshop will give them a solid foundation of etiquette and manners as well as help prepare your teen for the many new social and business situations they will face as young adults. It will provide them with the self-confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation that is essential as they move into the next phase of their lives.

Two-day Workshop

The following topics will be covered:

Day One, 1-4PM:

Proper Introductions – Handshakes & Eye Contact – Body Language – The Art Of Small Talk – How To Speak With The Right Tone With Clarity – Leadership Qualities – How To Make A Positive First Impression

Be The Perfect Guest – Invitations & Thank-You Notes – Techno-Etiquette & Social Networking – Dating Etiquette - Common Courtesies In Public Places

Day Two, 1-4PM:

Table Skills & Dining Manners – Informal/Formal Place Setting – American/Continental Dining – Proper Use Of Dining Utensils – Eating Various Foods – Seating A Lady At The Table – Tipping Guidelines

Interviewing Tips For College & Job Interviews – Dressing The Part – Be A Good Listener – Interview Follow Up Calls & Thank-You Notes - Grooming & Skin Care - Graduation Celebration

Fee: $ 285.00,  includes snacks, certificate, and workbook

Class Dates & Pricing:
Class size is limited to fourteen students, so early enrollment is encouraged.
  Note: Class is a two-day workshop

   Date: JAN 5 & 6th 2019  Date: APRIL 27 & 28th 2019  
   Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm  Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm  
   Price: $ 285.00/teen  Price: $ 285.00/teen  
   Register JAN 5th Class  Register APR 27th Class  
   Registration closes at
11:59PM DEC 29, 2018
 Registration closes at
11:59PM APR 20, 2019

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