Business Etiquette & Professional Development Training

Business251x157 2The way professionals present themselves is a direct reflection on your company, products and services. By acting professionally, it sends the message that the business is credible and trustworthy. Personalized care may very well be your edge against the competition.Our business etiquette and professional development training covers skills employees and business leaders require to be successful and for your company to prosper. Our interactive seminars can be customized to address your specific needs, objectives and company culture. Schedule one seminar or several seminars for a full day of valuable business etiquette training.

Human Resource Alliance - Let It’s All About Etiquette partner with your HR department to present customized workshops to your employees as well as implement your executive training programs.

Who benefits from Business Etiquette Training?

    • Seasoned Professionals and Senior Management
    • New Hires
    • College Graduates
    • Leadership and Management Training Program Attendees
    • Sales Professionals
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Hotel/Restaurant Service Staff

Business Seminars Offered


  • The Art of the Business Meal" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    The Art of the Business Meal

    Topics include: How to extend an invitation - duties of a host and guest – who sits where - napkin etiquette - navigating the place setting - American/Continental style dining - silverware savvy - hands-on dining tutorial - wine etiquette and protocol – toasting – proper way to eat soup and salad - breaking bread - dealing with unwanted food objects - dinner conversation - when to talk business - how to eat difficult foods - dealing with meal mishaps - silent waiter signals - paying the bill and tipping.

  • The Polished Professional" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    The Polished Professional

    Topics include: Handshakes, greetings and introductions - remembering names - making a powerful first impression - business card protocol - body language and nonverbal communications - how to make an entrance and work the room – effective meeting protocol - the art of small talk - master your mingling - appropriate attire and grooming - techno-etiquette.

  • First Class Customer Service" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    First Class Customer Service

    Topics include: Telephone Etiquette – Telephone techniques for quality service, voice tone and sincerity, value the customer experience, active listening to satisfy even the more challenging phone caller, courtesy is the best policy.You are the Company - Employee image and how it impacts the company image, importance of first impressions, the power of attitude, the strength of words, the significance of compassion, how actions-words and attitude create-or ruin-a customer’s experience, go the extra mile with a smile.

  • Professional Image
    Look Like You Mean Business
    Professional Image for Men and Women" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    Professional Image
    Look Like You Mean Business
    Professional Image for Men and Women

    First impressions are formed in 7 seconds – 38% how you say things, 7% what you say, 55% how you look!

    Topics include: What do your clothes say about you? – how should your clothes fit – what is acceptable business attire - the importance of quality – how the right clothing colors enhance your appearance – essential accessories – 10 different wardrobe categories – how to dress for various social situations – body type do’s and don’ts – wardrobe mistakes – how to look polished and well groomed.

  • Professional Make-Over
    Workshop For Women" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    Professional Make-Over
    Workshop For Women

    Topics include: How your image makeover can bring out self-confidence - analyzing your style of business dress – why you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear – tips on building a wardrobe with fewer pieces - how the right colors enhance your look –identifying and minimizing figure flaws – how to choose the right accessories – choosing the proper undergarments – how to achieve healthy looking skin – eyebrow shaping - what make-up colors match your skin tone – makeup application that will enhance your best facial features – how to decide on your best hair style and color.

  • Networking Know-How" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    Networking Know-How

    Topics include: How to make an entrance and work the room – show confidence through your handshake – remembering names – how to start a conversation and keep it going – graciously enter and exit a group – introducing yourself and others – how to hold your food and drink – what foods to avoid – business card exchange – how to politely excuse yourself from a rambler – after the event follow-up.

  • Five-hour Corporate Workshop" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    Five-hour Corporate Workshop

    Polish your professionals with this fast-paced and fun business etiquette workshop!

    Our five-hour corporate workshop will: Define professional behavior and suggest standards for appearance, actions and attitude in a business environment. Prepare participants to handle a variety of social and business situations: networking events, meetings, business meals, and more! Call 480-510-6346 to schedule this special workplace professionalism training workshop at your location!

  • International Etiquette - Success in the Global Arena" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    International Etiquette - Success in the Global Arena

    Topics include: Pre-meeting strategies – multi-national greetings and introductions – international business card etiquette – meeting protocol – dining customs – tipping and toasting – gestures – body language and personal space – gift giving customs – professional appearance – conversation customs – importance of rank and status – travel smart - dress.

  • For your convenience, we can support you in the following:" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    For your convenience, we can support you in the following:

    Keynote Speaker for Larger Groups
    Break-Out Sessions
    Lunch & Learns
    In-House Training

To view the current workshop schedule, please click here to go to the Adult Classes page.


SueAnn did a TERRIFIC job in educating my team of employees with table manners, restaurant etiquette, etc. A better understanding of etiquette will undoubtedly help in building client relationships and serve as a positive branding image of my company. Thank you SueAnn!
~ Charles Schwab, Corporate Client