SueAnn Brown

sueannSueAnn Brown is the founder of “It’s All About Etiquette” and a consultant and leader in etiquette training services nationally. Mrs. Brown’s vision for ”It’s All About Etiquette” is to professionally enhance individuals, groups, and organizations by providing her students with proven continental and international etiquette training and techniques.

SueAnn started out at an early age learning about proper etiquette. She attributes this to her mother (a local actress) and their many social events. “I remember wearing a name tag, greeting my mother’s guests, and sitting down to formal dinners having to hold conversations with grown-ups. This experience helped me as a young girl to be more confident about myself in social environments."

SueAnn is no stranger to the industry. She has a degree in Business Administration and a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. SueAnn is a licensed Esthetician and has worked as a make-up artist for national television and taught classes for talent and modeling agencies.

Prior to establishing her etiquette business, she spent eight years as a corporate trainer and workshop leader for an international image and skin care/cosmetic company.

After a successful career as a corporate trainer, SueAnn now helps individuals change their appearance by packaging themselves to achieve specific goals, as well as becoming more confident and happier with themselves. This can be a life changing experience!

As a certified Etiquette Instructor, she presents seminars to corporate executives, business organizations, private clubs, and individuals of all ages.

A positive personal image is important, especially in the competitive times we live in. High pressure situations like job and college interviews, business dinners with clients, and even dating will be effortless with seamless etiquette.